A Funny Incident

One of the reasons I wanted to use the word “worship” as my Word of the Year was because of the desire to worship God in all situations, especially when things are not going my way. I experienced this in a funny way last week. I’d been in Jackson, Wyoming, for nearly a month, helping care for my dad following surgery from a broken arm after Thanksgiving. It was not easy being away from home for such a long time, or to fit in with his routine.  Though I was glad I could help and he expressed gratefulness to me many times, it was still stressful in many ways.

In addition, I’d been absent from my job as a piano accompanist for the high school, so needed to record some music parts for them to work on. My husband scanned the music and sent it to me. I went to the library to transfer the files to my iPad so I could view the music and record it on a piano. Then the files would have to be transferred to a Dropbox for the students to access from the school, but when I went to the library my iPad kept crashing. I finally grabbed all my things in frustration and stomped out of the library grumbling and muttering, “Why is this happening to me Lord?”

As I got into my car I heard a noise, and lo and behold – it was my phone in my pocket — it was playing a song from Danny Oertli’s album – “Live for Heaven: The Worship Project.” The song is my absolute favorite for worship – “You Are Holy!” This seemed absolutely crazy to me – and I was laughing and crying at once – because my phone was not in iTunes (until now), and I had not been listening to Danny’s music recently (instead, my music had been in a Christmas shuffle at the moment). It was so typical of the way God comes to me sometimes – in humor, but with a clear message and word of encouragement to continue trusting Him. Oh how I love this great Lord and Savior! Here are the words of the song:

You are Holy, You are mighty,

You are Worthy, Worthy of Praise.

I will follow, I will listen,

I will love You all my days.

I will sing to and worship

the King who is worthy.

I will love and adore Him.

I will bow down before Him.

He’s my Prince of Peace.

I will live my life for Him.


He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

Mighty God, Lord of everything.

Immanuel, the Great I Am,

My Prince of Peace Who is the Lamb.

He’s the Living God, He’s my saving grace

He will reign forever

He is Ancient of Days.

He is Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End,

My Savior, Messiah, Redeemer and Friend.

He’s my Prince of Peace.

I will Live my Life for Him

–Danny Oertli, “He is Holy”

Danny is a dear friend and artist for Compassion International.  Needless to say, I listened to his song about a dozen times and the next time I went to the library the files loaded onto the iPad with no problems. I was able to record the jazz music the first time through, sight-reading at a church where a kind pastor let me borrow the use of the piano. The files were easily transferred to the students, and they were so kind and grateful. Thank You Lord, for meeting with me in such an amazing way! I will always worship You, especially in my involvements with music and even when things are not going so well.


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