Peruvian Food

I have already written other posts about the food we ate in Peru (and there will be more) but here are a couple of meals we had in Lima.

This fast food was close to our hotel and we absolutely loved these sandwiches!

2015-09-08 15.08.48_500_500

Chicken, pineapple, sweet potato, avocado.

2015-09-08 15.18.34_500_500

Chincharron (pork belly), sweet potato, pineapple, avocado, fried egg.

2015-09-10 06.11.04_500_500 copy

Then you get these great smoothies with them, along with several sauces for the fries.2015-09-09 19.23.15_500_500

2015-09-09 19.24.12_500_500

2015-09-09 19.23.21_500

2015-09-10 06.10.41_500 copy

For dinner we went to this great Italian restaurant — Rigoletto.

2015-09-08 15.41.06_500_500

2015-09-08 22.19.57_500_500

The food was great!  Mango seabass:

2015-09-08 21.50.21_500_500

Crab in Ricotta and brandy ravioli:

2015-09-08 21.50.25_500_500

Pasta with tenderloin:

2015-09-08 21.53.38_500_500

See that Inca Kola in the above photo?  We fell in love with Inca Kola, and we don’t normally drink any soft drinks at all.  This is all the rage across Peru, and we could see why.

2015-09-09 15.40.21_500 copy

We also fell in love with this Nutella pizza that we shared later.  The food in Peru is great!

2015-09-08 23.48.27_500_500




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