The first Inca ruin we were able to explore in Peru was Moray.  It’s just west of Maras, on a high plateau of about 11,500 feet.  It was spectacular to see.  It consists of several terraced circular depressions that were probably used for architectural purposes.  It has an ancient but sophisticated irrigation system.  It was truly wonderful to see.

2015-09-10 14.58.47_500_500

2015-09-10 15.13.33_500_500

2015-09-10 15.23.25_500_500

2015-09-10 15.34.01_500_500

2015-09-10 16.12.53_500

2015-09-10 15.35.59_500_500

The views here were spectacular, as you can see!

2015-09-10 14.56.13_500_500

I was pleased to see a child herding sheep, and somewhere along the way we also passed a large bull that made a stunning view.

2015-09-10 15.42.03_500_500

2015-09-10 15.55.35_500


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