Machu Picchu Views

This is one of the most stunning and impressive man-made sites in the world, I suppose.  I was amazed to see how huge Machu Picchu (“Big Peak”) really is — not just the mountain, but the entire collection of terraces, buildings and canals.  It’s truly incredible to see and to realize it dates back to about 1450, the height of the Inca empire.

2015-09-11 09.35.53_500

2015-09-11 09.41.40_500

We had a perfect day there to explore the ruins.

2015-09-11 10.10.25_500

2015-09-11 10.14.11_500

2015-09-11 10.16.10_500

2015-09-11 10.24.19_500

This cool looking local guy was very willing and happy to pose for me.

2015-09-11 10.21.07_500

2015-09-11 14.32.20_500

2015-09-11 14.36.19_500

2015-09-11 14.37.47_500

2015-09-11 14.45.02_500

2015-09-11 14.45.06_500

In addition, the whole area surrounding the site is absolutely gorgeous.

2015-09-11 14.49.35_500


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