Closer Views

Now I will share some of the details of Machu Picchu.  After I had hiked up to the Sun Gate, I went back into the heart of Machu Picchu, where all the agricultural terraces, canals and buildings are.

2015-09-11 13.09.06_500

2015-09-11 14.34.15_500

2015-09-11 14.34.56_500

There’s a lot to explore–lots of interesting nooks and crannies.

2015-09-11 14.38.14_500

I had no idea until I saw this for myself.  The entire complex is huge.

2015-09-11 14.40.05_500

2015-09-11 14.41.17_500

2015-09-11 14.44.12_500

2015-09-11 14.51.03_500

2015-09-11 14.51.13_500

2015-09-11 14.52.39_500

You would not believe the size of some of the rocks used in the construction.

2015-09-11 14.55.41_500

2015-09-11 14.57.31_500

2015-09-11 15.07.27_500

2015-09-11 15.08.37_500

2015-09-11 15.10.10_500

You can easily spend a whole day exploring the ruins.

2015-09-11 14.59.41_500

2015-09-11 15.00.14_500

2015-09-11 15.00.18_500

These are some archaeologists that were working on some kind of project.2015-09-11 15.23.24_500

I always thought Machu Picchu was used for religious purposes, and probably for human sacrifice.  But in reading about it recently, it seems that historians are not sure what it was used for.  It most certainly was used for agricultural purposes, just as the terraces are that we saw all over the countryside.  But what else beyond that?  It certainly is a mysterious and beautiful place.

2015-09-11 15.11.40_500

2015-09-11 15.10.30_500

2015-09-11 15.04.55_500







One thought on “Closer Views

  1. wyliestevens says:

    Quite beautiful there. Thank you for sharing. How did they manage to manipulate such large rocks that have lasted this long? Fascinating.

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