Pisaq Ruins

There are many more ruins to see besides Machu Picchu in the area known as the “sacred valley.”  We saw many terraces of Inca origin along the way.  Hiring someone to drive you through the region is relatively inexpensive, and so much better than just taking the train and missing all of this beautiful area.

2015-09-12 13.24.25_500

Jorge knew exactly where to take us and where to stop for photos.

2015-09-12 12.00.20_500

Everywhere we went, we also saw the fascinating Quechua women selling handcrafts.

2015-09-12 11.59.28_500






Soon we arrived at Pisaq — more ruins high in the mountains.

2015-09-12 12.00.07_500

2015-09-12 12.02.35_500

2015-09-12 12.18.23_500


2015-09-12 12.01.44_500

2015-09-12 12.23.34

2015-09-12 12.27.38_500

2015-09-12 12.29.15_500

2015-09-12 12.31.44_500

2015-09-12 12.33.02_500

2015-09-12 12.40.14_500

2015-09-12 12.46.41_500

2015-09-12 12.57.36_500

Look at the cool stone steps on the terraces — we saw these all over, at various sites.

2015-09-12 12.59.15_500

What a privilege to take a tiny peak into this ancient culture, with these gorgeous mountains all around!

2015-09-12 13.07.45_500



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