Ruins and Llamas

I am amazed how many Inca ruins can be seen in Peru.  We came across more on our return to Cusco.  There was a natural rocky area that may have been a natural fort, but fortifications had also been added to the site.

2015-09-12 16.38.31_500

There were tunnels to walk through, some natural, some man-made.

2015-09-12 16.39.20_500

2015-09-12 16.39.11_500

2015-09-12 16.43.00_500

After exploring the tunnels we wandered around above.

2015-09-12 16.40.51_500

2015-09-12 16.25.10_500

2015-09-12 16.24.47_500

2015-09-12 16.23.48_500

2015-09-12 16.21.27_500

2015-09-12 16.29.48_500As we continued our return to Cusco we really enjoyed seeing more special sites along the way.






2015-09-14 08.36.58

Nearly everywhere we went we saw women posing with llamas — not asking to be paid, but certainly hoping for a hand-out for their willingness to pose (and we obliged).  Aren’t they cute (both the ladies and the llamas)?










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