Peruvian Political Signs

What do political signs look like in Peru?  Well, we saw a lot of them while we were there last September, so I’ll show you.  We were told that there are a lot of political parties, and that they identify themselves with distinctive logos.  Take a look below.

2015-09-12 10.20.37_500

2015-09-12 10.20.58_500

2015-09-12 10.21.46_500

2015-09-12 10.21.51_500

2015-09-12 10.22.56_500

2015-09-12 10.43.35_500

2015-09-12 11.18.00_500

2015-09-12 11.18.03_500

2015-09-12 11.19.40_500

2015-09-12 13.20.56_500

2015-09-10 10.33.16_500

2015-09-10 16.58.31_500



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