Three Essential Truths

I’m sharing quotes from my journal again this week.  Here is another true quote.  I know it’s true because I’ve experienced it personally in deep, personal ways you can’t even imagine.  God is real and Present; He changes hearts and minds.  He performs miracles–physical, relational, emotional, spiritual–that only He can perform.

Just as the faith of salvation comes through hearing the message of the gospel (Roman. 10:27) so the faith to trust God in adversity comes through the word of God alone.  Only in the Scriptures will we find an adequate view of God’s relationship to and involvement in our painful circumstances.  Only from the Scriptures, applied to our heats by the Holy Spirit, will we receive the grace to trust God in adversity.

In the arena of adversity, the Scriptures teach us three essential truths about God:  (1) God is completely sovereign; (2) God is infinite in wisdom; (3) God is perfect in love.

As we become so convinced of these scriptural truths that we appropriate them in our daily circumstances, we learn to trust God in the midst of our pain, whatever form it may take.  It doesn’t matter whether our pain is trivial or traumatic, temporary or interminable.  Regardless of the nature of the circumstances, we must learn to trust God if we would glorify God in them.

In order to trust in God’s sovereignty, love, and wisdom, we must know Him in an intimate, personal way.  David said in Psalm 9:10, “Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you” (ESV).  To know God’s name means coming into a deeper personal relationship with Him as a result of seeking Him in the midst of our personal pain and discovering Him to be trustworthy.  It’s only as we know God in this personal way that we  come to trust Him.  — Jerry Bridges, in Trusting God, as quoted in How Great is Our God, 3/28/16



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