Chris and Grandparents

Now it’s Chris’ turn to be featured with his Chaney grandparents.  Everyone was so thrilled when this adorable little boy came along.  My mother always came right away to help after a grandchild was born.


We spent a lot of time hiking and having picnics together in the Tetons.

MotherChris1 001_500_500_500

These pics with Grandpa are especially nice to have.


2016-05-08 19.27.25_500_500

Chris was enjoying this picnic for sure–dogs, siblings, grandparents, tall grass.

2016-05-08 19.05.04_500_500

This is one of the last photos of my mother, as she passed away that summer after his graduation.

2016-05-08 19.09.07_500

When Chris decided to climb to the summit of the Grand Teton, Grandpa insisted on paying for him to make the climb with experienced guides.  Chris made the summit and was pleased to show a certificate regarding the climb to Grandpa.n29412198_32699544_9750_500_500_500



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