Youthful Pianist

As you know, I announced my retirement from the school district this year — at least 38 years or so of involvement with music students and choirs in the schools.  I thought it would be fun to look at some old music pics in the next few blog posts.  Here is the earliest photo I’ve found of me at the piano:

2014-09-06 09.21.44_500

I started lessons when I was 4, but by the time I got to junior high my mother couldn’t force me to practice.  However, she said that after she let me quit she couldn’t get me away from the piano.  Here are some pics from high school:



Some of our dogs “sang” when we played the piano.


In college I always managed to find a piano to play.


And friends to make music with (I’m the one in the goofy hat).

Quartet 1_500


I love this crazy photo of a sorority Christmas gathering, with Paul in the background hamming it up.

2016-05-08 19.54.53_500

In addition, we were often posing in front of pianos in those years.

Scan 3

2016-05-14 17.18.23_500






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