Sacred Music

Much of my piano playing through the years has been involved with sacred music, though I don’t have many photos, understandably.  Here are some old ones from the past though.  This first one is no doubt from a Christmas program:

2016-05-14 17.41.32_500

Sacred programs would include worship services (I have no photos from them), Christmas and Easter pageants, kids’ programs, community vespers, benefit concerts and The Feast of Praise, which was traditionally organized every other year.

These are all scenes from Feast of Praise performances:





Our friend, Dr. Mark, has always been present to play bass:


The Feast of Praise usually involves some elements of jazz, and a collection of donations for the local transient fund and for Compassion International.  I’ve been involved in sacred music, which I thoroughly enjoy performing (as it is a wonderful way to worship myself) for at least 40 years.




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