Meeting Muuo

The second sponsored child I got to meet in Kenya was Muuo (for the previous sponsored child visit click here).  I’m not his sponsor, but I am his correspondent.  You see, receiving letters from sponsors is so important that some sponsors ask Compassion to provide a correspondent for them.  Perhaps they sponsor too many children to write them all, or they are unable or unwilling to write, for whatever reason.  But by their own request they can make sure the child is receiving letters from another willing person.  Several years ago I asked to be a correspondent and this child packet was sent to me.  You can imagine my joy and excitement about having yet another child to write to.  Muuo was adorable!


Can you guess what this little boy in Africa said he wanted to be when he grew up? A pilot!  Well, this fit our family perfectly because our son is a commercial pilot, and he wrote to Muuo a few times, too.

Now we were going to meet Muuo in person.  Like before, the first thing we did with the Compassion representative was go to a store to buy food supplies for the family.




It had taken a long time to drive to Muuo’s village but we finally arrived at his Child Development Center.  2016-07-06-09-27-03_500


The first person I saw was Muuo running out to the car to hug me!  It happened so fast that I don’t think my kids were out of the car yet to get a photo, but we got these pics very shortly after the first hug.



Then he showed us around the complex.


We heard that he’s a very important member of the soccer team.



Here is the church that Compassion partners with to provide support for children in need — meals, immunizations, education, technical skills, social and leadership skills and discipleship.


This is the cook that we met — Kioko.  In my next post, you’ll see some of the delicious food he prepared for us!





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