Muuo’s Dream

We had just arrived at Muuo’s project in Kenya, and now we had a chance to learn more about their ministry, and to meet the very people who support Muuo and over 300 more children through their tireless work.  Here is the Project Director, Julia.


This is the Pastor, Allen, with an intern, Regina.  2016-07-06-09-36-55_500

We also met social workers and the accountant, as well as other leaders employed locally by Compassion for this particular child development center.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Muuo were having fun with her phone; they were taking selfies and she was showing him some photos from her work at NASA, which he was thrilled to see.



They showed me Muuo’s file and I was allowed to look at information about his activities at the project, health and academic reports, etc.  Then the funniest thing happened.  There was a standard form in his file that told about his sponsor and correspondent (me).  Some of the blanks were empty and Muuo asked me to fill in the information, since he’d always wondered.  It was my delight to complete the paperwork in person!


Next they showed me the notebooks where Muuo has been composing his letters to me.  They were almost exactly what I had been receiving from Compassion (obviously, teachers helped with grammar corrections later, but there were few errors).



They pointed out that they had lots of notebooks, since we have been writing so much, and that this has made Muuo very happy!  It’s been a blessing for me, too, to receive regular correspondences from all my kids.


I couldn’t have been more pleased, than to think that my short letters to him have been so important in his life.

Now it was time to go to his home and meet his family!  We were all so excited.  This is Muuo’s home and family.

2016-07-06-12-24-54_500First we gave them the food we had purchased at the grocery store.


We also had small gifts for everyone.


Muuo’s mother gave me a lovely purse.


Then she showed me her cooking area, and I asked if she minded having her photo taken.  She was very gracious and willing to pose for me.


I fell in love with Muuo’s sweet, loving parents — Kalalya and Anna, of the Kamba tribe.


As with Jerica’s family, we freely hugged everyone, not realizing it might have been against normal cultural customs.  But they were very loving towards us, too, just like before.  There’s something special about knowing you have been praying for each other for years, and knowing that you each share concerns and dreams for your own children, and for each others’ families as well.

The kids were adorable!



We’ll never forget the wonderful opportunity to meet this amazing family.  Their faith is strong; they are loving and generous.  Just like the previous day’s visit, we sensed that they work hard and provide in every way possible for their children. Life is not easy,  but I’m pretty sure they’ve never complained.  They’ve provided a good life for themselves, but through the sponsorship Muuo now has the opportunity to attend school, stay healthy, and realize his dreams of becoming, not a pilot, as he thought in his early years, but a pastor, like his older brother.  This is his greatest dream and motivation now, he tells me, and I’m so very grateful for his faithful sponsor and for the opportunity she’s given me to be his correspondent.  I’ll tell more about the home and project visit in the next post.




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