Muuo’s Support System

It’s pretty amazing to think about a sponsored’ child’s support system.  You saw in Jerica’s life that she had parents, family, teachers, pastors, social workers, accountants, cooks and others giving her the best possible support.  She likewise supported younger children in her family and project.  Now she’s able to attend college and will continue giving back the support that she received.  In the same way, I could see this happening in Muuo’s life.  He had told me in his letters that he aspires to be a pastor, like his older brother.  Since he speaks English well I brought some devotional materials for his use.  2016-07-06-11-45-18_500

I also gave him this beautiful cross, to remind him of the One who is the ultimate Provider of all his needs.


As his correspondents, my family (as well as his sponsor) have prayed for him through the years.  Chris knew that Muuo loved playing soccer, so he gave him a soccer ball.  As it turns out, Muuo is one of the most important players on his team.  There’s another support person, I’m sure — his soccer coach at the Child Development Center.


Muuo was eager to show us some of his skills, and it was impressive.



Now it was time to leave his home, and though farewells are always difficult, we will always continue praying for each other.


We returned to the child development center for a delicious lunch provided by the cook, Kioko.  Normally he would be cooking nutritious meals for about 340 kids plus staff members.  Imagine that responsibility!





While eating, Muuo wrote down some Swahili words for me, such as “jambo” (hello), “asante sana” (thank you so much), “bwana asifiwe” (praise the Lord), “chapati” (flat bread), “ndizi” (banana), “kuku”(chicken) and “simu” (phone).  He said that his name, Muuo, means “Peace.”  I’m thankful his English is strong and easy to understand.  He also wrote down the names of all his siblings for me.

The church here is decorated beautifully, and provided a great backdrop for photos with the child development center staff and with Muuo.


These ladies have the main responsibility for assuring that the care and development takes place appropriately and professionally for each child and family.


Here we are with Regina, the intern.  She took a  lot of photos to print out and give to Muuo later.


She’d had fun taking silly photos with Sarah earlier.


I was impressed with this young pastor, Allen.


Since he ministers to 430 children in the project, he had not known previously that Muuo aspires to be a pastor.  Once he knew, he promised to mentor him in this quest.


I’m so very grateful to this godly man for his devotion to hundreds of children and families in need.  Imagine the huge impact he has made in his community.


The Child Development Center then surprised us with blankets for each of us.  They will always remind us of the warm African hospitality and love that we encountered everywhere in our short visit.


All too soon, it was time to go.  They begged us to stay 3-4 days, and we would love to have stayed, but could not.  Perhaps I’ll be able to return for Muuo’s graduation in a few years and see my sweet Jerica once again, too.

Here is the final photo–friends and prayer partners for life!  Whether Muuo becomes a pastor or chooses some other career, I will always love and support him through prayers and correspondence.  I’m thankful that he is being equipped to become a valuable leader and asset in his community as he transitions into adulthood.  I’m grateful to be a small part of the support system Compassion International provides for Muuo, so that he can achieve all that he’s capable of doing for this world.  He’s truly being released from poverty in Jesus’ name, as Compassion’s motto states.  Perhaps when he graduates we, too, can chat with each other on Facebook, and perhaps he truly will be ministering to hundreds of other children some day, just like Pastor Allen.  To support a child like Muuo, please don’t hesitate to click here.




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