Give Up

One of the reasons this word “cast” has captured my attention (for my Word of the Year) is related to a devotion I previously mentioned from Beth Moore.  She was speaking about Paul’s journey (as a prisoner) on a ship to Rome (Acts 27).  When they found themselves in a serious storm at sea they learned several things that I outlined in this post.

Several words caught my eye in this devotion:  “give way,” “throw,” “jettison,” “give up,” “lose,” “cut loose.”  I think all of these words relate to this word “cast.”  There are certain things we should cast out of our lives (bitterness, old hurts, grudges, unforgiveness, anger, etc.).  That’s not to say that these things don’t have a place in our lives, because they do, but they shouldn’t dominate our thoughts or attitudes.  It’s best to cast them aside.

Other uses of the word “cast” have positive aspects — cast our anxieties on Him, because He cares for us.  Roll those problems over onto His shoulders, for He can make all things work together for good (and He does).  Another use of the word is also amazing — Revelation speaks of believers casting their crowns (that they’ve just received) before the throne of God, for He truly is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What a day that will be!

Other phrases have to do with things we shouldn’t cast away — never give up hope; never cast away your trust, belief or joy.  Never give up or give way to the storm; instead, give way to the Master of the seas, as Beth so beautifully stated.  I think this word will give me much to think about and explore throughout the year.


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