Mah Jongg

I’ve been sharing photos of my mother this week because she would’ve been 90 years of age recently if she hadn’t passed away from cancer in 2001.  She was a very social person and was involved in many groups–bridge, sewing, Mah Jongg, Daughters of the American Revolution and Music Club, among others.

Here she is with some of her bridge friends in Kansas City (she is on the bottom left and the lady next to her is Jac, the childhood friend that was shown with her in an earlier photo):

She also played in two Mah Jong groups in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  They usually played in various homes but occasionally made a special trip together to play in public places, such as in Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park.

They played for “big money”–nickels and dimes (and occasionally a quarter)–but it was still exciting at least once when she had a perfect game: