Pieterskerk Graves

Another interesting thing about the Pieterskerk in Leiden is the memorials and graves, some for very historic figures.  The famous Dutch painter of the 17th century, Jan Steen, is buried here.

This was interesting to see–a memorial for engineering mathematician Ludolph van Ceulen (of Cologne) inscribed with the first 35 decimals of the figure Pi, which he calculated and published in 1596.  He died in Leiden in 1610.

There were several other interesting memorials, including ones for John Robinson, Pastor of the Pilgrims; Willebrord Snellius, a Dutch astronomer and mathematician; Jean Luzac, lawyer and journalist, who had a huge influence upon the American Revolution; Herman  Boerhaave, botanist, chemist and physician, considered the “father of physiology, and Johannes de Laet, a Dutch geographer and director of the Dutch West India Company, among many, many others that had a huge impact on science, engineering, politics, music and art.

I love seeing these ancient stones.  However, some people understandably get bored looking at gravestones and historical markers.