Exquisite Quilts

At Quilt Wyoming, earlier this summer, we had some outstanding national speakers and teachers.

Grace Errea was back by popular demand.  She turns inspirational photos into amazing quilts.  I was able to get a close-up of some of her works.  Aren’t they amazing?  I don’t think I’m gifted for this type of sewing, but many of you are.  For more of her designs, as well as patterns, click here.

I was fascinated to see up-close how she sews fabric together for unique backgrounds to her floral designs.  Grace taught two classes–one on reverse appliqué and another regarding these photo inspired quilts.

Another gifted quilter and speaker was Catherine Redford, a hilarious speaker, born and raised in Northwest England.  Her classes were called “Folk Art Stitching” and “Wrapped in Scraps.”  Here are some examples of her work, which are amazing embroidery and fun fabric bowls.

Her students were having a good time when I stopped by.

She spoke about an “around the globe” tour of quilts that she has made, representing various cultures and types of stitches and her speech had us, literally “in stitches” of laughter.  Check out more of her works here.  

The third national guest speaker and teacher is the reason I was drawn to Quilt Wyoming this year — Rayna Gillman taught classes called “No Strings Attached,” and “No Pattern Paper Piecing.”  I already had her books and was thrilled to see she was coming to Wyoming.  She is also a witty and fun person to sew with; I learned so much from her about improvisational quilting.  I stepped beyond my fears and actually started making unique blocks without a pattern.  I’ll share more about her classes in future posts.  Aren’t her creations beautiful?  To see more of her work, purchase books, or view her teaching schedule, click here (I love following her blog).  I will have much more to share about Rayna in my next post.

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