Sharing Quilts

These are some of the quilts shared during the Ucross Quilt Retreat.  They were certainly impressive to see.

The next two are from the same pattern, which the ladies had begun with a teacher at Quilt Wyoming.

Several rugs were in the making.

There were more small  projects, too.

I was happy to be able to share my (finally) completed New York Beauty!


Row Quilts

Show and Share at the Ucross Quilt Retreat was spectacular again this year.  So much talent!  This row quilt was completed by several friends combining their time and skills.

This is another row quilt completed by the same group of friends.  It’s called “Just Horses.”

And now for yet a third one from this group of friends.  I need to get in on one of these projects sometime!



Beautiful Views

The Ucross Quilt Retreat had some beautiful days again this year.  Here are a few to show you  how pretty the area is.

The friendship is great too!  Here’s another game of Left Right Center, with fat quarters as the prize!

Special Guest

We had a special guest at Ucross Quilt Retreat this year, who came with the most amazing quilts to share.  She had purchased several from a museum back east that were now a part of her collection.  Some went back to Civil War days.

Some of the quilts had won ribbons years ago, which were still attached, since they had been in a museum all these years.

The best part was that she invited us to come touch the quilts and feel the softness of the old fabrics, since you could never do this at a museum.  It was unbelievable!  You can’t imagine how different these fabrics felt from what we are accustomed to.

She also brought some of her own quilts, most of which are mini quilts.  We couldn’t even imagine how she could stitch some of the tiny pieces.

What a wonderful treat for this lady to have shared her treasures with us!

Finished NYB

Over three years in the making, I finally finished my New York Beauty quilt.  Now all these quilted blocks had to be sewn together, partly by hand, and it was a daunting task.

I had sketched a plan for sewing them together, and Sarah happened to be home and was able to help sort them out.

It was a horrible job sewing them together, because of the thickness of the pre-quilted blocks.  I also accidentally stuck my fingers with pins over and over again.

Once they were finally sewn together, I cut off the edges so I could sew on the binding.

Here is the finished five-year quilt!

Here is the full pic — I shared it with friends at Ucross.