Clear Creek Walk

Another great walk in the Big Horn Mountains is the walking trail along Clear Creek.  You can start in town and hike several miles into the mountains.  But in this case, I just started at Turkey Lane and went up only a little over a mile.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I love paying attention to the details.

The floor of the forest here is soft and comfy on the feet!  Pine needles make a great carpet.

The trail follows Clear Creek, which eventually goes right through the middle of town.

Here is the 1914 hydro-electric power plant.

Thankful for another beautiful fall day!




Copenhagen Canal

We were thrilled to have plenty of time to explore Copenhagen, especially its beautiful canal.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

We went for a short walk through the city.

To our delight, there was a guy having his portrait taken in a viking hat.

We took a portrait too, but not in viking hats.


Best Library Ever

The library in Elsinore, Denmark, is the best ever!  We were in awe of its architectural beauty!  For instance, look at the children’s section:

The shipyard theme is obvious throughout the whole structure.  What I love about the library is all the special nooks where a person can get lost in reading or working on laptops.

Some areas are very quiet and secluded.

We saw Kronborg Castle from many different viewpoints.

This is not a camera effect.  Isn’t it great?

There were a few surprises among the shelves.  Can you spot the chicken?

It was top right.

Can you see the acrylic windmill?

I could’ve spent hours exploring this place and all its books and surprises!  But we did need to get back to Copenhagen.




On our drive through Denmark Chris and I arrived at Elsinore with it’s beautiful wharf, where the old shipbuilding yard has been modernized into a beautiful cultural and knowledge center.  As we were walking towards the water Chris came across a jumping mat and had fun putting it to good use.

We found several interesting boats tied up at the pier.

In the background is Kronborg Castle, famous for it’s part in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Right by the water is a phenomenal library which will be the focus of my next post.


Danish Castle

The B & B Chris had found for us in Denmark was far out in the country, but it happened to be right next to one of the Danish castles–Fredensborg Palace.  It’s an eloquent Baroque castle named by King Frederik IV to commemorate the end of the Great Northern War in 1722.  It’s name means “Place of Peace,” and we certainly agreed with that title.  There are walking paths all around, branching off in different directions, and it makes a great morning stroll or run for many people every day.  There are interesting groves of crazy looking trees nearby, as well as many important statues and markers.

It was a great way to start our morning in Denmark!