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I’ve been sponsoring a girl and boy in Kenya for some time now, and we finally had a chance to visit them this summer.  It was truly an amazing and memorable trip!  One of the bonuses of this excursion was getting to see my dear friend, Jimmy Wambua, again.  He’s a formerly sponsored Compassion child and he graciously invited us to stay in his home in Nairobi.



Jimmy was a member of Compassion’s Leadership Development Program.  After completing high school and college, he attended Moody Bible College as well, and then returned to Kenya to make a difference in many unique ways.  It was a pleasure to see him again and to hear of his dreams for his own people.


Sarah and Chris had fun hanging out with him, too.


We were privileged to taste some real home-cooked, Kenyan food:


As Jimmy talked about his own sponsor, and about becoming an orphan at an early age, I couldn’t help but wonder where he would be today if he hadn’t been given the opportunity to have an education, meals, immunizations and discipleship.  Sponsorship truly changed his life!

Here is a video that tells Jimmy’s powerful story:

Mentors for Children

Here is one more video of Compassion alumni, related to the people that became mentors for them when they were children. I love this video!  Take a look at it now — I guarantee it will cause you to smile and giggle a bit!

Sponsor Letters Matter

Here is a really fun video from Compassion that features several formerly sponsored children — we call them “alumni” of the sponsorship program.  You will find this very interesting, as they talk about how much their sponsor letters meant to them.  Sponsor letters matter!

If you have not written your child for a while, please click this link now and don’t put it off another day.

Internship of a Lifetime

What can be more motivating for young people today than learning how to become a leader that makes a difference in the world?  This is what Compassion offers our sponsored children.  But did you know that Compassion offers internships for our own young adults as well?  Take a look at this informative video.


To apply for the 2015 internships go to this link:

2015 Internships

The deadline is December 15, 2014

How Can We Avoid Giving?

Here are many links to giving opportunities through Compassion International.  There are so many needs out there; how can we avoid giving when the needs are so great?

Water of Life

Malaria Nets

Critical Needs

Child Survival Program — support babies and mothers

Christmas Gifts to Children

Donate Your Old Phone

The Leadership Devlopment Program — support college students

Online Gift Catlog

Amazon Smile — Choose Compassion to receive a donation every time you shop here

Sponsor a Child Today!