Colombian Signs

I didn’t take many photos of signs in Colombia, but I do have a few interesting ones to share.  The first is from a Compassion Child Development Center, and the others are from the city and beach area.


Colombian Shops

For some reason the shops in Colombia seem more colorful than anywhere else.

Aren’t these amazing to see?  Beautiful!

It seemed odd to see bears, moose and elephants here, but they were interesting, too.  Shopping in Colombia is fun!

Colombian Food

We really loved the food of Colombia.  Breakfast buffet at our hotel was amazing!

One of the things we like most in foreign countries is exciting new fruits that we don’t see at home, such as this delicious banana passion fruit.  The seeds are eaten right along with the gooey substance inside, and it’s wonderful!

We also love the prevalence of great juices in South America.

At the end of each day we would return to the walled city and look for an interesting restaurant (there are many to choose from).  We always had fresh fish, plantains and coconut rice, among many other things.

At one restaurant a couple came in with their boom box and started dancing right beside our table.  It was exciting and beautiful!

Colombia ia a wonderful place to visit.

Colombian Dogs

There are some stray dogs in the walled city of Cartagena, but they aren’t constantly evident.  You almost have to look for them sometimes.

Chris quickly bonded with this one.

Here’s the wet beach dog!


Colombian Statues

One of the fun aspects to Cartagena is all the humorous statues, most of them in one unique square.

The boys had fun with one in particular.

The final two statues are obviously not connected with all the others, but I thought they were interesting to see.




There was a little church in Cartagena that we came across with Luis.  It was such a beautiful, quiet sanctuary from the busy streets.

Sometimes we just need to stop and find a quiet place like this.

It was pretty funny, though, to see ancient statues lined up with contemporary fans.