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A Huge Difference

How much difference can a piece of paper make?  This is the theme of this great video from Compassion Australia.  After you watch the video, please read the notes I have posted below it–updates to the letter-writing process.

  • You can write your child by paper, on your computer, or on our great phone app–all you need to do is download the app and use your online username and password (if you don’t have one yet you can start your online account at
  • Letters are traveling much faster these days, as they are now being sent to and from partner countries electronically
  • Children are generally excited to see any of their friends receive a letter, but of course, are always hoping they will be one of the happy recipients
  • Letters often make the difference to bring a child out of the cycle of poverty, as they can build confidence and hope far beyond the money support
  • Don’t have a child to sponsor yet?  Check out these adorable kids  at