Finished NYB

Over three years in the making, I finally finished my New York Beauty quilt.  Now all these quilted blocks had to be sewn together, partly by hand, and it was a daunting task.

I had sketched a plan for sewing them together, and Sarah happened to be home and was able to help sort them out.

It was a horrible job sewing them together, because of the thickness of the pre-quilted blocks.  I also accidentally stuck my fingers with pins over and over again.

Once they were finally sewn together, I cut off the edges so I could sew on the binding.

Here is the finished five-year quilt!

Here is the full pic — I shared it with friends at Ucross.



Tippet Hike

Chris, Sarah and I took a hike in the mountains with a furry friend recently — Tippet.  It was a beautiful day and he was so happy to have been invited, though he usually has a serious look on his face.

He “marked” the trail all the way up but I didn’t try to capture that in photos.

The creek was quite icy and beautiful that day.

Someone managed to find a huge stick and Tippet was thrilled to chase it many, many times on the return (way more fun than marking trails).

Tippet definitely smiles when he has a stick in his mouth!

Somehow we managed to get a couple selfies with all of us.


Silly Memories on a Walk

Another walking path in town that I love to walk is the one along Clear Creek.  Last week it was beautifully dusted with snow.

Note the small amount of snow in the fields.

Many people had already been up and down this path before I arrived.

I decided to go through this entry into the cattle pasture.

I had a good view of the old Fort McKinney area (now affectionately known as the “Soldiers and Sailors Home”) before turning around for home.

Seeing this exercise equipment reminded me of a fond memory, though unfortunately Chris was not able to join in the silliness that day.