Brown and Blue

We only got a slight dusting of snow this week — enough to have to shovel the driveway but not enough to cover the fields.  You can see that the walking trail was pretty dry within a day or two of the snowfall.

The roads didn’t stay icy for long, and the fields were still brown against the bright, blue sky.  A beautiful day for a walk!

Deer crossing:

I stopped to visit with a friend and enjoyed seeing this adorable dog, Mikki.

One brown, one blue.  Perfect!







A few days ago we received our second dusting of snow for the season.  I loved observing the various footprints on the walking trail that morning, and trying to guess what they were.

Prancing deer?

Tiny things:






Klondike Rush

The Klondike Rush was held here in August, and since it was an anniversary year of the event — 40 years — Paul and the other two men who started the race were honored.  Here are the founders of the Klondike Rush:

Paul Jarvis, Bob Miller and Dave Harness.  All finished the race this day.

Here is a great write-up about the race from the YMCA website:

The Klondike Rush is the oldest running 10K event in Wyoming and surrounding states. Our historic 10K course will get you out into the hills with some good climbs and great scenery as you run to views of the Bighorn Mountains and the sounds of Clear Creek. The popularity of this event continued to grow over the years and led to the addition of the 5k distance. The 5k course is fun and fast for those interested in time, but is also very family and walker friendly. Following the two main events is the FREE Klondike Kids run with three distances depending on age. The Klondike Rush is fun for the whole family!

The name, “Klondike,” comes from the name of the street that the race begins on, in front of the YMCA.  It has become very popular and participants come from around the world.

To commemorate the event, “Whistle-nut and Ole,” rodeo team with trained bull, was present to start the race. When I first saw Ole, I was thinking, “it’s a good thing that ambulance is nearby.”

After some confusion and spinning-around and trouble with a camera, the main event was finally off and running.

Paul did well, especially considering that he hadn’t had a lot of time to train.

It’s always fun to see our friends at the Klondike Rush!  Dave, Dean (always a winner) ,Bob, Paul.  Well done, guys!

Clear Creek Walk

Another great walk in the Big Horn Mountains is the walking trail along Clear Creek.  You can start in town and hike several miles into the mountains.  But in this case, I just started at Turkey Lane and went up only a little over a mile.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I love paying attention to the details.

The floor of the forest here is soft and comfy on the feet!  Pine needles make a great carpet.

The trail follows Clear Creek, which eventually goes right through the middle of town.

Here is the 1914 hydro-electric power plant.

Thankful for another beautiful fall day!



All Eyes On Me

The walking path I usually take each morning and evening is very close to our home.  It’s a good way to observe the changing colors in the Big Horn Mountains.  The cattle always seem interested in me, and I often greet them on my way by.

All eyes on me!



Danish Beaches

Our drive in Denmark took us along the North Sea part of the time and the Baltic Sea as well.  This is the pier at Hornbaek, along the North Sea on the northern tip of the peninsula.  It was a gorgeous day.

One of the highlights was seeing the playground fill up with children suddenly!

We even saw a brave surfer in the cold waters of the North Sea!

This is another beautiful beach –very different from the previous one–where we stopped to explore on our way back to Copenhagen.