Here is a video from Compassion that talks about birthdays.  Is it possible to sponsor a child on their birthday?  Yes!  At this link you can sponsor a child that is having a birthday today.  Can you sponsor a child that shares your birth date?  Absolutely.  At the same link notice that you can “search for a child” (on the right side) and even choose the date of their birth.  Many people sponsor a child for each of their own children, choosing children that share the exact same birth dates.  How cool is that?  Take a look at this great video:


A Birthday Gift for Three

This is the third and final excerpt from Chris Seay’s book, A Place at the Table:

We have paused for 40 days to connect with the poor and to go on our own exodus journey–out of our sin, out of our selfishness.  In doing so, we have learned things about ourselves that we would have never learned otherwise.  In some areas we experienced breakthrough as we ceased compulsive behaviors or let go of anger and bitterness.  In other areas we continue to struggle.  In these areas we anticipate fighting the good fight for the rest of our lives–and we will not always be victorious.  Do not let that discourage you; ultimately we will know victory.

A Place at the Table, by Chris Seay, pg. 216

Have you ever personally connected with the poor?  I have, and I must say I have come out more blessed than before.  They have so much to offer us — their courage, faith, love, humility and generosity.  Today is my birthday, and I would like nothing more than for you to experience this as well.  Would you like to sponsor a child through Compassion International?  You can consider it your gift to me, but more than that — it will be a gift to you and the child as well!    Please click the link below to sponsor a child today!

Hiking History

I’ve had some great times with our oldest son, Jeremy, this summer too.  Here is a photo of us when he visited earlier in the spring:

In July I had a couple of days in Denver with him so we had plans.  We started out the day with breakfast at this great diner:

Jeremy has a Master’s in Music Composition and has some great music you can listen to (and purchase) at this site.  He also loves to combine his music with a study of history and culture.  We went on a walk along Cherry Creek as he told me about the early history of Denver.  It was fascinating.  We were looking for the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.  We walked several miles through the urban setting I’d driven through many times, but it looked so different on foot.

We came across this mother with her babies:

Finally we arrived at the confluence of the rivers and it was hilarious — I’d had no idea, but it was a site I’d visited many times — REI!

We went inside to walk around a bit, but this time I entered with a new perspective:  not shopping, but observing the architecture and thinking about how it might have looked back in the early days when it was the power source for the entire Denver electric trolley system, housing large furnaces and steam powered electric generators.

We sat in the Starbucks to rest a bit and look at all the great photos of the old power station.

We didn’t buy a single thing, but felt we had really experienced a part of history.

Jeremy knew so much about those days from what he had studied; we stood at the site where the first homes were built and where the first railroad bridges were placed across the river.   Then we made our way past some of the newer buildings.

That evening, we also got to visit a 99-year-old cousin that was recovering from a hospital stay.  This gentle, sweet man has a mind that is clearer and stronger than mine in many ways.  He looked at many old family photos and was able to identify nearly everyone.  It was amazing to think that his grandfather fought in the Civil War, and that Don himself lived (in Kansas) at the time that the REI building was servicing all the trolley systems in Denver.

Finally, another reason this day was special was because it was Jeremy’s birthday.  I had the pleasure of taking him out for dinner that evening.  We don’t always get to do that any more, so this year was special.  It was fun hanging out with Jeremy all day — I delight in his creativity, humor, historical insights, positive attitude and joy!

Finally, here is the photo of us that Jeremy had posted on Facebook that morning.  Time flies…