People often ask me what happens to siblings of sponsored children that are not sponsored through Compassion.  My answer is that everyone in the family benefits from the sponsorship, and it’s true.  Families take great joy in reading letters from the sponsor.  The parents are able to attend classes on parenting, nutrition and health.  Children share what they’re learning with others, and often bring food home to siblings.  Sometimes they share what they have with their whole neighborhood, as far as it will go.  I know one young man from Africa who tore up paper and broke pencils in pieces to share with others, since he was the only one in school (besides the teacher) with paper and pencils (due to his sponsorship).  Children in developing countries usually love to share, and they celebrate with those who have special opportunities, such as receiving a letter from their sponsor, attending school, or having access to health care.

But yes, there are many children that are not being sponsored, and families who do not have even one child sponsored.  Does Compassion’s ministry benefit them as well?  Yes, take a look at the following video.  In addition, entire communities benefit from sponsored children who grow up to become leaders in their society–teachers, health professionals, engineers, politicians and more.  Compassion’s ministry has a huge impact on their communities, far beyond what we can even imagine.  Watch to see how this entire community benefited from the Compassion center.

Wheelchair Not Needed

This is an older film from Compassion, but it’s a good one. It shows just how far special funds, aside from sponsorship funds, can help a child in need.

Gifts That Matter

What kinds of gifts make a difference to a child in need?  When I sent support to my boys in Haiti, I always wanted to suggest they purchase a soccer ball, but I knew that if they had one they would need to trade it for something practical, like a goat.  We really don’t have any idea of the hardships they are facing, but Compassion International provides many practical options for your holiday giving.  The Gift Catalog can be found at this link.  Don’t miss this chance to help provide hope for one of these precious little ones!  Thank you, thank you for giving so generously throughout this last year!

Why Give a Goat?

When I sponsored my first boy in Haiti in 1988 I also provided a little extra support for his birthday each year. What do you think he bought with the few dollars I sent? A goat! Every single year. What difference does a goat make for a family in poverty? Take a look at this excellent video from Compassion International, and you’ll see how very valuable it is to give gifts to your sponsored child.

Hope On a Plate

What difference does it make to feed a malnourished child?  Take a look at this video — you’ll be amazed what a difference you can make.


This is a great story that was told earlier as Fatao’s Heart, Fatao’s Surgery, and Fatao’s Recovery. This latest video is one I did not see before; it is not new but has been recently re-posted by Compassion, so I thought I should share it with you. Fatao is doing well with his repaired heart!

Here is the full story that Compassion recently posted.

Sewing Out of Poverty

We’ve been looking at some of my new quilts this week.  Today I want to show you how important sewing skills can be in developing countries.  Take a look at how sewing machines are being used in the Compassion International projects around the world.

If this video has really spoken to you, perhaps you’d like to give to Compassion’s Complementary Interventions, and specifically to the purchase of sewing machines for families.  Here is a link where you can help a family get started with a small loan, such as would be needed for a sewing business.