Baby Quilt

I recently had the pleasure of delivering one of my quilts to an adorable baby.  I enjoyed making this for our friends.  The design is called a “Disappearing Nine Patch,” because you start with nine squares sewn together, cut them up, then turn them to create this design.

Here is the new father and daughter!  Congratulations Mom and Dad!



I have two more quilts to show you this week, also finished a long time ago.  This first one features charm packs of fabric — precut into 5″ squares.  Looking back on the project, I’m amazed I figured out how to add these scalloped borders with the binding.  It turned out real pretty, don’t you think?




Virginia Ohr did the lovely quilting for me.  She also quilted this “DNP” (Disappearing Nine Patch).  I love the apples she quilted for me.  This pattern is easy to do — you simply make several nine patches and then cut and turn them into certain patterns before sewing them back together.  I enjoyed making this quilt, too.