Seafood Market

We were thrilled to find this fish market and restaurant at Hornbaek.  It was unbelievable.  We sampled a lot of different things.

The old photos on the walls tell a lot of stories of fishermen braving the elements here.

This was a fun bench we found nearby.

Since I’m talking about food, I’ll show some of the Danish pastries we also found while in Denmark.



Belgian Food

In Belgium we were looking for a good restaurant with our friend, Hugues, and we came across this one.  We didn’t choose to eat here, because we wanted tradition Belgian food, but we thought it was pretty funny.

Instead we chose one that served us outside.  It was delicious!

We also found the best Belgian waffles with lots of toppings to choose from!

All too soon is was time to say farewell to Hugues, and to be on our way.




Dutch Food–Leiden

We loved the meals we ate in Leiden, Holland.  It’s really great, and there are many restaurants to choose from.  In the summer, you can eat outside along the confluence of the Nieuw Rijn (New Rhine) and the Oude Rijn (Old Rhine), or take a small cruise.  What a beautiful place!

Dutch Food

The food in Amsterdam is outstanding.  We saw so many different types of pastries, but the savory food is great too with meats, fish, soups, stews and pastas.  Here’s a sampling of some of the foods we came across:

Now you see another reason why we love Amsterdam so much!