Awesome Staff

The staff members on Crystal Cruises are truly wonderful.  I loved meeting them and learning where they came from.  One special event that I attended was the “Mozart Tea.”  It was really special–the music, food and costumes.

I had seen the man on the right previously–he’s from Peru, where I have been to visit sponsored children.

This man at the piano was dressed like Mozart and played beautifully.

The snacks were incredible.

Here are many of the other staff members we met–all were so nice and special in various ways.  This man kept the decks clean and is from the Philippines, another country I’ve visited.

Our personal maid is also from Peru and she was great.

We just couldn’t thank them enough for the wonderful service they offered!



Many Concerts

A big part of my participation in the BHS music department was preparing for concerts, of course.  We had a lot of fun through the years.  I don’t have a lot of photos to show, but have a few.

2012-05-18 08.09.27-1

2012-05-18 08.09.27-2

One of the most rewarding activities was working with the all men’s choir while the Rose brothers were employed here.  They brought a lot of talent out of these guys, and we got “I” ratings every year at festival.

2013-02-27 09.14.07_500


It was also fun to perform with the Balladiers in various locations, such as at the Ucross Christmas celebration:


It would be interesting to know exactly how many concerts I performed, and how much music in all those years.  I’ve played for all the schools in town, as well as for Tongue River, Clearmont, Casper and the Wyoming Ambassadors of Music — over 200 pieces of music most years, including jazz, musicals, festival solos for vocals and instrumentals, and choirs.  Fun!


Great Stories

Here are some great stories from Compassion International for your summer reading:

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