God is Real–Part Five

How do I know God is real?  It simple: I’ve experienced Him in amazing ways.  Today’s example is pretty zany and funny.  I was in the Dominican Republic with my friend, Mindy, to introduce her to her sponsored child (I had already met him on a previous trip, and Mindy had become his sponsor).  We were headed to the Haitian border the next day but on this particular day we were returning from a trip by van into the country.  During a rest stop I went to get back on the bus, not knowing that they were hosing it down on the opposite side.  With a great whoosh! all the mud, grease and grime came flying up from under the van and splattered all over my khaki pants.  They were blackened from the grease and mud.

In the morning, after my shower, I said to Mindy, “I’m going to wear the same pants that got splattered yesterday, because I’ll just get them dirty again today,” and put them on.  She said, “Those aren’t the same pants; they’re perfectly clean.”  I looked down and she was right.  She didn’t believe they were the same pants, and we argued while I let her look through my luggage because I didn’t have any other khakis.  But they were now spotless.  She exclaimed, “Jesus did the laundry while we were sleeping!”  Now, I know that seems ridiculous, but think about it:  as we discussed, we were heading to child development centers to visit precious Compassion kids near the Haitian border.  Perhaps it was important that we appear clean and spotless, representing our Lord, and also give honor to the children, by giving them our best.  That was the only reason we could think of for the little “miracle” that day.  Our God is real!  But the next story is going to be amazing–watch for it on Friday!

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Believe the Works

In his book, Grace Works, Dudley Hall mentions several ways that we hear God’s voice:

  • Through creation
  • In the Scriptures
  • Through the Inner Voice
  • Through His Works

I will let you read the book for yourself on three of these points, but here is the excerpt regarding the works of God:


Sometimes God’s voice sounds like his works.  The religious people of Jesus’ day were having trouble believing that he was truly the Son of God.  His encouragement to them was, “If I do not do the works of my Father, do not believe me; but if I do them, though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father” (John 10:37-38).  Every miracle Jesus performed was God speaking to those who were watching.  Every sign and wonder that ever happened in his earthly ministry was God shouting his nature to those who were listening.

When he healed the sick, he was shouting his mercy.  When he fed the hungry, he spoke of his compassion and power.  When he walked on the water, he declared his rule over nature.  When he raised the dead, he revealed his ultimate victory over death.  When he died defenseless for sinners, his unconditional love reverberated throughout the universe.

The sovereign God speaks to us in every event in our lives.  God is never reticent to give his revelation to us; he just wants to choose the means through which he communicates.  Once we have had our eyes opened to see the glory of God residing in the whole earth, we can receive revelation from him from any source.  We realize that he is not limited to any one or two ways of communicating.  And because of his permeating influence in all of his creation, he is constantly seeking to let us know what he is really like.  — Dudley Hall, Grace Works, pg. 240-241