Abbey Road

What fun we had in Cartagena with Luis, my formerly sponsored child (he’s an alumni of the program, and of the Leadership Development Program).

All our cameras were busy throughout the wonderful day we had together.

We had a chance to take a classic “Abbey Road” pic in Colombia.

Lunch was at a typical Colombia restaurant where we could order “Bandeja Paisa” — an assortment of traditional items:  plantains, avocado, rice, chicharron, egg, fried cheese, yuca, beans, sausage and “country flag.”  Delicious!  We had a long discussion with Luis about whether astronauts really landed on the moon or not.  I’m not even sure if he agreed with the proofs Sarah shared with him from her work at NASA, but I’m glad Luis thinks deeply and carefully about all things.

All too soon it was time to say farewell again, but our fun memories will always stay with us.

Jazmin did a great job translating for us both in 2013 and again this year.  What a treat to see her again, too!

We went back to the hotel to visit a while longer and then to say our farewells.  I love you, dear friend!




Sarah recently got to meet a young man she’s been sponsoring in Colombia.  He arrived with a Compassion facilitator and translator.  They had been writing for a while, so the friendship was already in place and they were eager to meet and spend time together.  He said he was so excited to come to Cartagena and that it was “like a dream.”  He had flown from a town farther south in Colombia; that part was rather scary for him, but he handled it well.

Sarah brought some gifts for Fredy, and he had some for Sarah, too; gifts that he had made himself, at the Compassion project.  He gave her a duck figurine and some bracelets.

I know these gifts will be cherished by each of them.  Below you can see Chris, myself, Fredy, Sarah, and Hugo (a Compassion Facilitator).

Sarah’s translator, Juan, was great.

We visited a while at our hotel and then headed to another area of Cartagena.

Fredy is a super nice young man.  He works hard to help provide for his family while finishing high school.  He serves as a soccer coach for young kids at his project, and had a chance to show us some of his skills.

We had a wonderful lunch together and Sarah and Fredy had lots of friendly discussion.

When it was time to say farewell, I don’t think either was ready, but the memories of our day together will last forever.  I’ll share more photos of Sarah and Fredy in future posts.






Birthday Dance

Here’s a fun birthday video from Compassion.  Did you know you can search for a child to sponsor that shares the same birthday with you?  Click here to choose a birth date connected with a child.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I hope you’ll watch this delightful video and sponsor a child soon!

Not a Mistake

Children need to hear that they were created for a purpose; that they are not a mistake.  This is the message in the following video from the Dominican Republic and Compassion Canada:

Collins and Grandma

This is another sweet story that comes to us from Compassion Australia. Collins and his grandma had a great need, and God supplied that need through Compassion International.

Isabel’s Wish

What an amazing, sweet story from Compassion Canada!  Sponsorship changes the life of the sponsor as much as that of the sponsored child.

Home in a Bathroom

This is an amazing story from a formerly sponsored child in Uganda.  Her life was forever changed when sponsors in Canada chose to help.