About Wordles–Links, Directions, Tips

“Wordle Wednesday” is the day we all get to flex our creative muscles.  I’ll post a new Wordle and any others I’ve received from YOU throughout the week.  Here are the directions for creating a Wordle:

  1. Go to http://wordle.net/
  2. Select “Create.”
  3. Type words or phrases into the box [See tips below].
  4. Click “Go.”
  5. Select Font, Layout and Color.
  6. When you’re happy with your “Wordle,” click “Save to Gallery.”
  7. After you “Save to Gallery” make sure you copy and paste the code below the image and send it to me at pjarvis@bresnan.net.
  8. Send a title for your Wordle — and have fun! 


  • Word size is determined by the number of times the word is used, such as :  Lord Lord Lord.
  • To connect words within phrases, use the following format:  In~His~Name.
  • It’s a good idea to save your words and phrases to a Word document, in case you need to start over.
  • When the format is the way you want it, use “Re-layout with current settings” or “Recolor” to make small changes.
  • On the Create Wordle page, note that you can insert the URL from your blog or website rather than typing in words, and watch to see what appears!  You can also enter your username from “del.icio.us” for a change. 

C’mon Everybody!  Send me your Wordles!  And let’s get the kids involved too!


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