Journeys of Healing

Here is a blog post I prepared but never ended up publishing two years ago, when my word of the year was “Journey.”  These quotes are too good to pass up, though, so I have decided to publish it now.  These are all quotes from Compassion International that contain the word “journey.”  We’re all on a journey of some type or another.

Paul and Barnabas were not stopped by John Mark’s desertion.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his departure, the journey continued.  They pressed ahead, keeping their eyes focused on the goal.  –Jose Carlos, Guatemala Country Director, One in Spirit

The last class we learnt about the story of Joseph and his journey to Egypt.  — Sponsored child Subha, Eastern India

One thing we are working on is understanding that partnership is a journey and our implementing church partners go through certain maturity stages.  — Wolfgang Riedner, Compassion Blog, 6/25/13

Let us create space for children on our faith journey, for their understanding of God and experiences with God are invaluable and thoroughly enriching.  Our children have rich spiritual impulses in them.  — Lawrence Mangalarajan, Program Director, South India, One in Spirit

My journey of learning to trust God has developed over many years — sometimes with giant leaps, but mostly with baby steps.  — Mary Lou Elliott, Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Compassion USA, One in Spirit

We need to notice each other…listen to each others’ stories, and help those around us take down their walls and take off their masks.  That is true dignity.  I learned on my journey that abuse can be defined as anything that is less than nurturing.  Taking the time to nurture someone into their real identity — now that is true dignity.  — Compassion Chapel, 7/31/13

There’s been a theme today — just our journeys, our stories.  I’ve appreciated you guys in sharing your stories and accepting my story; allowing each other to be wherever we are on our journey.      –Compassion Chapel, 7/31/13

As I look back on my journey — all the ups and downs, all the pain and all the grief — I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Through my journey I’ve seen the Lord restore the dignity of a child who wanted to be loved and cherished.  — Compassion Chapel, 7/31/13

I could no longer be blind to the hard places in my heart…I knew I had to commit to God’s healing journey for me at any cost because I knew first-hand how much pain it inflicted when people aren’t honest with themselves.  It took a lot of courage to begin my healing journey because I had to stop performing.  I had to stop trying to prove myself and I had to stop pretending that I was put together nice and neat.  — Compassion Chapel, 7/31/13

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Today’s Excitement

Today’s excitement is about Sarah and her job at The Micheli Center in Boston.  This week’s issue of Sports Illustrated has an article that mentions her work as a Bioengineer.  Check it out here:

This includes a video of the 3D Motion Analysis

This is the link to the article at Sports Illustrated

I don’t know if the article will appear in full, still, but if not, check it out in this week’s edition, dated September 8, 2014.  Sarah is mentioned in the article and there are a couple photos of her.  The Micheli Center website has a lot of information about what she is doing there, which is to operate the 3D motion capture system and collect data on various subjects.  She has been working on running, pitching and the golf swing.

When I was there a couple of weeks ago I took this photo of her at work.  You’ll notice all the baseballs on her desk!  She’s having a lot of fun with this job, and especially the challenges of creating the models for the figures used in the 3D analysis.


2014-08-20 10.06.55_500 She was also on the news in Boston, just before the Boston Marathon, when she had a guest athlete from the station, as you will see at the link below.

Reducing the Risk of Injury While Marathon Training

And here is another video that shows her at work:

Great job Sarah!


Snap 2

Here is the second snapshot of the summer — I travelled back East to visit Sarah in Boston and we visited my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in New Hampshire.  It was really great to see all of them, especially the children that I had not seen before!


Snap 1

This week I’m sharing single snapshots from our busy summer that has come to a close too quickly.  The best part of summer is having family together.  We were thankful to have all three kids home at once.  Don’t they look great?

2014-07-18 09.40.31